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Upcoming Opportunities

AccuTeam LLC frequently recruits candidates for Project Managers, Technical Staff, Junior Programmers, and Business Analysts for State of California contracts. In some instances a Candidate is recruited as part of a bid on a contract opportunity. When a Candidate is needed for a bid, we will ensure the Candidate is aware the position is tentative. In other instances we may recruit a Candidate for an actual contracted opportunity. When this is the case, we will ensure the Candidate is aware the position is an actual opening we need to fill.  Since bid opportunities arise often, Candidates are encouraged to send in their resumes. Even if a Candidate is not immediately available, but wants to be considered for future opportunities, we are interested in hearing from you. If you are interested in opportunities in either project bids or awarded contracts send us your resume today at: Candidates@My-Domain.com!


Long-term positions for Systems Administrator and Network Administrator are expected to open in May 2009. These opportunities are located at work centers in the greater Sacramento, CA area. These positions are for a contract already awarded. The position requirements include minimum 2 years experience and Microsoft (or equivalent) certification. The positions will provide Level 2 problem resolution services and may continue for 3 to 5 years.

Prospective Members

accuTeam maintains a roster of prospective members who have the desire and drive to fulfill accuTeam's Vision and accomplish accuTeam's Mission. AccuTeam considers each prospective member's abilities and potential for achieving collective success. When accuTeam proposes a project team, our roster is often our first source for team members. If you believe you have a team-oriented, positive, and ambitious personality with capabilities, skills, and potential to match, contact us.