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accuTeam's Project Management Services include contracts where we manage the Customer's project as a comprehensive service or we augment  the Customer's project management team with specialized services. accuTeam's Core Capabilities in  Project Management are summarized below. Planning meetings, presentations, reporting, facilitating and other foundational services are routinely included.

Core Capabilities

accuTeam offers extensive experience in project management, training and support services for the development and review of procurement strategies, solicitation documents, model contract language, and proposals evaluation. accuTeam specializes in procurements where Source Selection favors value over lowest cost with a technical weighting model.

accuTeam also brings a wealth of experience in systems engineering and integration in multiple system engineering methodologies. accuTeam's systems analysis, design, development, installation, implementation, procurement and technical support services ensures Customers receive qualified assessments and recommendations.

accuTeam's technical strengths include requirements analysis and development of functional requirements, specifications and application designs to meet Customers complex business requirements. To ensure Customers' requirements are accurate and complete, accuTeam uses proven system life cycle management, system development methodologies, and analysis and design techniques that include both structured and object-oriented disciplines. accuTeam is especially effective at translating technical requirements into performance-based solicitation documents.