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These services focus on the primary functions of Verification and Validation (V&V). In those cases where accuTeam performs V&V on the  products and services delivered by the Customer's IT provider, accuTeam's services qualify as Independent V&V (IV&V). When accuTeam performs V&V on the Customer's own products and processes, accuTeam's services qualify as Internal V&V. In both cases accuTeam fulfills the role of an evaluator that assesses the objective products, processes, and services using the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Standard 1012.

Verification and Validation

accuTeam applies an iterative process during the development cycle of software or systems. accuTeam uses design documents, contract requirements, and functional requirements to determine whether the product of each step fulfills the requirements allocated to it and is internally complete, consistent, and correct enough to support the project's next phase.

Project Management Oversight

accuTeam project teams supervise development, programming, testing, documentation, and implementation of applications. accuTeam audits Customers' contracted services for information system development, acquisition, and maintenance controls to help assure a structured project management methodology is being followed and appropriately managed.