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accuTeam's Process Improvement Services examine the workflows and interactions within and between organizations. accuTeam analyzes both managerial and operational activities and the way their related functions participate in project management processes. accuTeam assesses opportunities for improvement in the flow of information between participants (mediation) and the reconciliation of differences and agreements between participants (collaboration). Process Development and Integration are described briefly below. accuTeam also synchronizes Customer agency Best Practices initiatives with accuTeam Process Improvement Services.

Process Development

Develop the Project Vision and Process Objectives -- accuTeam helps their Customers identify the benefits, measures, and degree of improvement they seek to achieve.

Identify the Processes to be Redesigned -- accuTeam focuses on identifying the most critical processes and then helps Customers prioritize them in order of urgency and potential for improvement.

Document and Measure the Existing Processes -- accuTeam establishes a baseline for comparison to help quantify the degree of success of changes.

Identify IT Opportunities -- accuTeam identifies candidate IT solutions for their potential contribution to, and impact on, process design.

Design and Document the Improved Processes -- accuTeam designs, diagrams, and explains the improved processes to Customers before proceeding to prototyping. To ensure the improvement processes are executable, accuTeam develops a draft Integration Plan and Schedule for Customer review and approval.

Build a Prototype of the Improved Process -- accuTeam develops a proof of concept to demonstrate  and measure the improved process. accuTeam assesses the achievement of the Process Objectives and presents them to ensure the Customer is involved and satisfied with the results. Once the Customer approves the processes and tools, accuTeam proceeds to Process Integration.

       Process Integration

Introduce the Improved Processes to the Participating Organizations -- accuTeam presents orientation sessions to explain the improved processes to the Customers' participating organizations' and to identify and record their needs and constraints.

Develop the Integration Work-plan and Schedule -- accuTeam completes the Work-plan and Schedule to accommodate the Customers' participating organizations' needs and constraints.

Implement IT solutions -- accuTeam, or the Customers' technical support staff, install, configure, and test the IT solutions to verify completeness, correctness, and functionality.

Conduct Process Training -- accuTeam, or the Customers' technical support staff, delivers training on both the improved processes and the IT solutions. Training will include objectives and ensures achievement of an acceptable skill level by the Customers' trainees. accuTeam, or the Customers' technical support staff, will provide Remedial training on an as-needed basis.

Implement Improved Processes -- accuTeam assists the Customers' participating organizations' as they transition from previous processes to the improved processes.

Measure Processes -- accuTeam measures improvement using the established methods and metrics. Iterative cycles of improvement are executed as needed until the Customers' objectives are met.